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Fair and Reasonable

We price ourselves fairly. For what we offer and the time we put into your photoshoot, editing, and proofing, our prices are great for people and families of all spectrums. We are honest and upfront about our prices, and we will always ensure clear communication with our clients and, with quality time management, we will deliver your photos within a convenient time.

An eye for good photos

We know how to make you look good! We're knowledgeable on beautiful locations, lighting, photography techniques, how to dress and pose, and even down to which eyeshadow colour to wear, you can consult us on anything, You not only receive good photography but professional equipment as well. Adding up all these little factors allow us to provide you with stunning, colourful, high-resolution photos. Photos that will look good on all mediums: iPhone, TVs, and maybe even a blimp.

We stand out

Being interesting, creative, well-rounded people just like you, we aim to provide a fun, memorable, unique photoshoot. We're open to new ideas and requests -- even the most eccentric, so don't be shy! From photographing fancy BMWs to a dog's Halloween party, as long as it's meaningful to you we're happy to take pictures.

Photography for any occasion

We have experience in many areas of photography: headshots, portrait, couples, engagement, pet, family, event, and music. However, we are not limited to just that. Feel free to contact us if you have an inquiry about any other area.